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Our Generous Donors

Our Giving Angels

We appreciate your love and support. Thank you!


Tammy and George Jackson    California
Thank you for your continued support.

Kelly Kiviranna    Nevada

Private Donor    California

Stacy and John O'leary of Penelope Wildberry    Nevada   
Above and Beyond...wow...thank you so much!

Berg Business Services, LLC   Florida

William and Aleene Melhorn    California
Thank you for your continued support of our children.

The Champion Center    Nevada
Thank you for partnering with us. All the beautiful gifts you gave were received with deep appreciation.

K.I.D.S. "Kids in Distressed Situations"   New York
Great organization that facilitates donations from a variety of sources. We appreciate you so very much. Thank you!

Charlie & Tracee Hashimura   Nevada   Thank you for the truck rental...much appreciated!

Todd Sunderland    Nevada

Scott Georges    Nevada

Richard Crowe    Texas

Mr. Mrs. Stephen Hopcraft    Nevada

Michael and Peggy Johnson in honor of granddaughter Scarlett Stamos    Nevada

Kathryn Russo Baptiste    Massachusetts

First Church of the Nazarene   Nevada
Thank you to the Crochet Club for the beautiful baby blankets.

Myung Do Yu  Nevada

Camille Arnaiz Tuason  Nevada

Sharon Semic    Pennsylvania
Thank you!  All the very special hand made hats and booties for our sweet babies and toddlers...perfect!

Tammi & Rick Smith    Arizona
Thank you for your continued support.

Sidney Costner    Nevada

** Splendor Fine Art Summer 2012/2013 Exclusive Online Exhibitions: Contributing Artists**

** Julie Ansell    Nevada

** Beth DeLisle    Pennsylvania

** Michelle Fairless    California

** Kelly Kiviranna   Nevada

** Bertil Leidner    Sweden

** Alexsandra Miles    Nevada

** Janice Kay Moore     California

** Daniel Pearson    Nevada

** Joshhua Ray   California

** Checko Salgado    Nevada

** Arlene Schlazer    Nevada

** Jelena Bosanac    Nevada

** Eric Shechet    Utah

** Klaus Tiedge    South Africa

** Harry Torque    Norway

Linda Chavez   Nevada  The gift of your time, I could not afford. Thank you!

Sarah Robertson   Nevada  The hours and hours of physical help...invaluable. Thank you!

Barbara Morris    Washington   Helping us while you were in treatment yourself...wow...above and beyond...truly. Thank you so very much.

Todd and Anita Carter  Nevada   Thanks so much for your fundraising efforts!

Skip and Angela Bernath    California & Montana

Aubra and Susan Franklin    Texas

Suzanne and Dean Nelson    Washington

Gary Smith    New York

Anita Cocomello    Nevada  Thanks so much for your time in helping set up the new space!

Helen Katano    Nevada  Thank you for the hours and hours you spend helping me sort and fold...appreciate you!

Amy Jacobs    Nevada  Thank you for your time in helping to get our donations sorted.

Mandy Quillin   Nevada  Thank you for coming out with little Madison to help in the new boutique!

Sam & Pat Buban    Nevada  Thank you for your faithful support.

Phillip & Kari Postier    Nevada  Thank you for your faithful support.

Channel 8 News Now  Nevada  Thank you for the cash award and for your interest in our effort! We appreciate the coverage and attention.

Gretta Jones    Nevada   Thank you for your computer work on our behalf! Much Appreciated!!

Cindy Reid    Nevada  Thank you for the donation of beautiful toys!

Don and Pat Monts    Nevada  Thank you for the donation of diapers!

Aram Saatchian    California  We love you Aram. Thank you for your genuine concern and care for our sweet little ones.

Chuck & Kathy Oppenheim   Nevada   Thank you for your Christmas donation (again this year) and Kathy, for all your help in November. Love your hearts.

Suzie Linderman    Nevada   Thank you so much, for making our babies lovely quilts.

Lilianne Leblanc   Nevada  Thank you so much, for making our babies lovely quilts.

THANK YOU!! To our recent helpers....could never have gotten through everything without you.
Nevada    Jelena Bosanac, Sarah Barnes Robertson, Kirk Hayek, Johnna Lombardi Elkins, Linda Chavez, Anita Cocomello, Kathy Oppenheim. :) :) 

Aubra & Susan Franklin    Texas    Thank you for your loving donation and continued support this year.

Blake and Vicki Christian    Utah    Love you both. Thank you for supporting this effort.

Machelle & Todd Pohlman    New York

Compassion Coalition    Nevada

Frances Washburn    Texas

Elizabeth Nicola    Nevada

Stacey Anthony    Nevada

Wendy & Tom Nogradi    California

Irene & Gerald Schneider    California

Tammy & George Jackson    California

~Kira, Fine Artist Sculptor    California

Stella Wilson Rincon & Gerardo Rincon    Nevada

Madaline & Mike Abrams    Hawaii

Christa Casillas    Nevada

Diane Hendricks    Nevada

Pete & Connie Rodman    South Dakota

Sarah & Jamie Robertson    Nevada 

The "2009 Baby Bottle Change for Diapers Drive" was a huge success because of you!!...Thank you, so very much!! The "2010 Toy Drive" was such a beautiful expression of God's  love...Thank you!

Aloha Island Grill    Nevada

Carol Kiviranna    Nevada

Julie & Loren Wheeler    California

Tanisha Wynn    Nevada

Karina Thom    Nevada

Melony Stettenger    Nevada  (a special thanks to Carter's for the help with pant hangers)

Tess & Mark Brooks    Minnesota

Tina & Jack Croul    California

Aleene & Bill Melhorn    California

Cherie Hoard    Nevada

Jan Bettes Schnedier & Joe Schneider    Texas

Pamela Elle    Nevada

Private Donation    Nevada

Tammi & Rick Smith    Arizona

Beth & Maurice DeLisle    Nevada

Larry Wayne Morbitt    Nevada

Joseph M. Valenzano, III    Nevada

Sefakor Hodo    Nevada

Angela Sposito    California

Maricar Magana    Nevada

Dan & Sharon Semic    Nevada

Erin Sahlstein    Nevada

Charlie & Tracee Hashimura    Nevada

Don & Stephanie Devine    Nevada

Daniel & Tami Coyle    Nevada

Fred & Syndi Olinger    Nevada

Chris & Denise Forbus    Nevada/Texas

Fred & Bonnie Woodard    Nevada

David & Lottie Perez    Nevada

Toni Blackburn    Nevada

Carter's Nevada Cannot say enough good about this crazy GREAT company. Florence, specifically, you are such a blessing to our efforts. I love getting your calls! Thank you for having us on your radar and for always preparing our boxes with respect. Carter's is blessed because you are there doing what you do!

Mickey Hayek    Nevada

Barry & Sarah Gilmartin    California

Valerie Andriani & David Schlatter   Nevada

Osh Kosh B'Gosh    Nevada

New Horizons Christian Church Women's Ministries    Nevada    
For all your help with preparations for our event and at all the BLBL Helps Nights...our gals are THE best!

Henry Asencio, Fine Artist Painter    California

New Horizons Christian Church    Nevada    
Thank you for a generous response to our fund raiser! 

Assemblies of God Women's Ministries District Resource Center   California
Your support and willingness to partner in our vision has surely pleased God. 
We appreciate you so much.

Women's Ministries Groups of Northern California and Nevada
THANK YOU!! The truck load of diapers and baby wipes and all the other sweet things you blessed this ministry with are sooooo appreciated! Our 2011 event will be wonderful thanks to your contributions to our efforts here in Southern Nevada.

Gerardo Olivarez Jr.  Nevada   (we miss you dad)

Zada Zamarano and her sweet friends   Nevada  
Thank you for selling Lemonade and Ice Tea for our families.

Aleene & Bill Melhorn    California

Kim Blackman   California

Smiths Food & Drug Stores   Nevada

Charmaine and David Matautia    Nevada

Beth & Maurice DeLisle     Pennsylvania
Thank you for your continual support. For the heavy lifting and the help putting the boutique together.

Mike Powers   Nevada   Thanks for the work in the boutique. Much appreciated.

Hazel and Normand Badua    Nevada

Lani and Louie Caday    Nevada
The diaper cake is so fun and special...thank you!

Chandra Smith    Nevada
A special thank you to one of our recipient moms for "giving back".